Amazon’s Echo speakers can read top news headlines for you



Amazon has made its Echo speakers more useful. The company has added a new option to the personal voice assistant speaker, which can read the news for you. if you are a very busy person and want to be up to date about the top stories, this feature can be very useful for you. You can spend your news reading time in sleeping or other works if you want. This new update of Amazon Echo speaker can read the top headlines.

Amazon has added new option called Trove, this option allow you to ask about the top news headlines about any subjects. This feature won’t read the full story, as it will only read the headlines. If you find any news headlines interesting, you have to search somewhere else for more details. This feature can be very helpful in situations when you are in hurry with both hand full, but want to get the latest headlines.

This new update also gives more control on the alarms and timers of Echo. This update comes with ability to ask about the specific timers run out and it has also option that let you cancel alerts upon arrival of the weekend. Amazon’s this voice based assistant service is not what you wanted it to be, but it is good enough to think about it.