Amazon may make its own augmented reality Glass



Currently, Amazon is not just an online retailer company, as it has ventured into hardware business. In recent years Amazon has launched its own set top box, HDMI dongles, tablets, e-readers and speakers. It looks like Amazon is also going into Google Glass business. The US Patent and Trademark has published a patent report that shows the smart glass patent of Amazon.

Amazon’s this glass will put the video or images of your smart devices like tablet in front of the wearer’s eye.
This new product from Amazon is nothing like any Virtual Reality headsets, as the images shown by this device is transparent. This means that you can see the video as well as world around you. People can watch the video and do their normal work at the same time with the help of this AR device from Amazon. This new smart glass looks similar to the Hololens project of Microsoft.

The Augmented Reality Glass will be very useful for the company, as it will give Amazon more reasons to attract customers for its content product. We can think of watching Amazon’s Prime Instant Video at the AR Glass. Still it is too early to tell that how well this AR product of the online retailer company will perform once it becomes available for the users.