Amazon launches $299 per year compulsory Prime Membership

By | October 19, 2015
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Last year, Amazon has hinted that users would have to pay $299 per year if they want to use AmazonFresh grocery delivery service. Now, the online retailer giant has announced that users will have to get a $299 yearly membership if they want to buy grocery from AmazonFresh in Seattle, New York City, Philadelphia and most probably other cities.

Amazon has started notifying these cities people that the grocery service delivery will be available for only Prime Fresh members. Amazon had announced about this $299 Amazon Prime Plan in December last year, but company delayed this plan from June to September. The online retailer started testing its Prime subscription service in California, which allowed $99 per year prime members to use AmazonFresh with delivery fees.

When customers from New York, Seattle and Philadelphia logged in to their AmazonFresh account this week, they got this message “AmazonFresh is now available exclusively to Prime Fresh members.” This new Prime membership plan of Amazon didn’t go well with its users, as many have tweeted about this on their twitter account.

But it doesn’t look that Amazon will alter its plan, as it is one of the oldest company in this business and they must have given much thought before issuing the notice. So it is confirm that if you want to get grocery from AmazonFresh, you’ll have to pay $299 per year.