Amazon Wallet app launched as competitor to Google Wallet and PayPal


Amazon is the online retail giant and its name ha became to synonymous to online retails and in recent times the company is entering into other sectors like manufacturing their own Tablets and mobile devices and it is now aiming to expand their horizons. Already it is having their own app store competing with Google Play Store. In the similar push, Amazon has launched quietly the new Amazon Wallet app in its own app store as well as on Google Play Store.


Currently Amazon Wallet is available in Beta mode and surprisingly offering more matured offerings from Google. Amazon is already one or more credit details of the users already on the file and it not surprising that it releases an app which allows you to use digital version of those cards anywhere. Amazon is expecting to gather the valuable user feedback before it reexamines the implementation of Amazon Wallet to include more features.

In the current version, the app stores the details of your loyalty cards, gift cards, cash cards or membership cards which can be either entered manually or scanned directly from the card. Then the card is stored as Barcode, QR Code, image or text and is available ready for the transactions and avoid the risk of carrying the cards along with yourself. This app allows you to check the balance of the cards stored on it. All the cards which you have saved on the Amazon Wallet will be also shown on the Amazon Wallet’s web page and also the information which you have used with the Amazon earlier.

Currently, it is hardly any competition to the Google Wallet in the present state, but its long term plans includes being a rival to the payment services like Google Wallet and PayPal.

Download Amazon Wallet from Google Play Store and Amazon App Store.