Following Netflix, Amazon soon to release its Prime Instant Video in Japan



Netflix, one of the most popular internet video streaming providers has recently announced that it is going to release its service to East Asian countries Starting with Japan in September 2nd and plan to go on with other countries. Following the footsteps of Netflix, Amazon has also announced that its Prime Instant Video will be launched in Japan next month.

Amazon didn’t offer much details about this launch, but they have stated, “Prime Video will offer thousands of popular Japanese and U.S. movies and TV shows, anime series, music concerts and variety shows, plus Amazon’s own award-winning originals and new Japanese originals,”

Amazon video streaming service would cost ¥3900($32.45) per year, which is equal to ¥325 ($2.71) per month. The video streaming service of Netflix will cost minimum ¥650 ($5.40) per month. This means that the Amazon Prime video would cost half of the cheapest Netflix service.

Huge population of Japan are tech savvy, but still online subscription based service doesn’t do well, as DVD rentals are still very popular in the country. Only time will tell that how these two video streaming service providers would fare in terms of content and services. Would they find success in the Japanese market?