Amazon Smartphone might offer 3D shopping and more


As rumors are circulating all over the world that Amazon is planning to release a new smartphone with amazing features, Now as per latest report tells that Amazon Smartphone might offer 3D shopping and features. This crazy features adds more exciting in the market, Though it is very tough to competitive and crowded market with Apple, Sony, Samsung and other companies who are very well established in the markets.


But Amazon have n’t announced officially that they are planning to release a smartphone. And some other reports says that this Smartphone could have 3D interfacing and multiple front facing cameras

These are the some of the features that Amazon might have include in their smartphone

3D Shopping

A 3D interface does not require any special glasses could have a lot of uses. Let us take an example, when you are shopping online, you could pull up a 3D image of sneakers or a jacket and see all of thr features, suggests Bill menezes, principal research analyst at gartner. The another possibility way is you could scan your living room to make a 3D rendering.Then, when you’re out furniture shopping, take a picture and digitally insert the product into the rendering to see if it fits. you could see how that purple color suits your bed room, I will buy it but we will avoid it.

Enhanced Games

Amazon slowly enhancing gaming specifications with Amazing game studio and it also enhancing video games by using new steaming device Amazon fire TV. As this phone supports 3D interface so it offers a robust gaming experience.

Seamless Grocery Shopping

Amazon has testing a WiFi wand called Amazon dash which implies bar coding, This smartphone supports the bar coding apps. This type of bar code application also seen in previous mobile phone but now it has 3D interfacing this phone improves the current bar coding apps.

Free Steaming Video

Amazon might have plan to introduce a free steaming videos by using a app which is pre installed in the device. we have to enable that app or service by paying $99 per year. This also includes the sales of this device.

Competitive pricing

In this they are different price tiers which include one tier means one time payment of the phone with amazon apps and other some features. Higher tier includes the monthly payments ans billing.