Amazon Seller app for merchants debuts to Android : Review


Amazon has launched its Amazon Seller app for iOS in March this year and today it has released the same app for the Android users too. Amazon Seller app is for those who stand on the other side of Amazon i.e, on merchant side and supply the goods through the Amazon eCommerce site. It makes easier for the sellers to check on their merchandise everywhere on the go with convenience.

Amazon Seller app allows the merchants to manage the inventory, interact with the customers, search for the new items to sell, profit estimation before listing the items and access to Amazon support. This app is not helpful to everyone and it doesn’t directly benefit many of us, but when the merchants are able to provide the more efficient service to the customers then everyone gets benefited.



  • Manage inventory : Manage inventory on your store and search, sort and filter your inventory items. Update the prices and the quantity of the remaining items on the go.
  • Search for new items to sell : Check the current prices, sales rank and customer review of the products on Amazon by just using the text search and scanning the barcodes.
  • Profit estimate of items before selling: Estimate the profit of the items before selling the items by just adding the product cost information.
  • Customer interaction : Interact with the customers and provide them best customer service by responding to their queries quickly with help of app.
  • List items for sale : With the use of the app create the listing on the Amazon site quickly and easily.
  • Quick access to Amazon support.

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