Amazon rejects rumors of Ad based streaming service for 2015

By | November 22, 2014


Amazon rejects rumors of launching its native ad blocked service to rival with Netflix which has been swirling from long time with the reports first emerging in March and Amazon promptly stopping them. Yesterday this rumors grew louder once again and it is no surprise that Amazon is trying to play it bashful once again, having with hold the rumors after several media houses reported that the video service is being planned for 2015.

The New York Post has published that, Amazon will be rolling out its native ad based streaming video service in 2015. But however, Amazon has sent a statement to Engadget, which supported New York Post rumor, it has not announced any plans to start such service. Amazon added that, “We currently offer the first episode of some television shows free with ads through our First Episode Free feature on Amazon Instant Video, and there are display ads on some short videos such as movie and game trailers and we are often experimenting with the new experiences and offers for customers, but we don’t have any plans to offer an add supported online video streaming service”.

So where can Amazon users can go? If you are not a prime user then Amazon has some ad-supported videos, which may be a sort of lite version to the service to the service which has been recently and previously rumored. Amazon is having the mere fraction of the Netflix offering its customers, so even if Amazon comes with such service in 2015, we need to wait and see what Amazon has more to offer at that point of time.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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