Amazon Ready To Open Its First Physical Store


The e-commerce giant Amazon has ready to launch its first physical store, according to one the latest report. The Amazon had a plan to open its first full-fledged store across from the Empire State Building, at 7 West 34th Street. This area is  is also near to the Macy’s flagship store, is one of the city’s most heavily trafficked zones.The site will double as a mini-warehouse to support same-day delivery, returns and order pickups within New York, US.


The report is also claimed that the first Store of Amazon is expected to launch in the time for holiday shopping season, and they might be also display Amazon’s proprietary products, such as its Kindle line of e-readers and tablets, Fire smartphones and video-streaming boxes. But on the other side  Amazon is declined this report.

If the report is true  then it would  be the significant move for an online retailer which has capitalized on its Internet business model and the cost-savings of doing away with a vast physical network. And if the store takes off,  the Amazon may expand to other cities, in the report it is mentioned.