Amazon proposed a plan for flying the drones



Due to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules, the plan of delivering products by drone of Amazon has not been smooth in the past. But as the FAA has offered some relaxation in the rules, the retail giant has been outlining plans for the drone use. The Company has proposed some main and basic rules for flying the drones. These rules will separate the drone flying zone from aircraft. The drones will have to fly at low attitude and should be in line of sight of the pilot and must agree to be tracked.

According to the Amazon, all the drones will have to fly at different altitudes based on their speed and all the drones should be capable of communicating between them, so that each drone will avoid others in the sky. The fast lane for the drones will be between 200 and 400 feet above the ground and this lane will be used for long distance travelling drones. Below 200 feet, the slower and local or short distance travelling drone will fly. Above 400 feet and anywhere near the airport, it will be no fly zones, which means no drone will fly above 400 feet from ground and near the airport. Some other drone operators fly their drones above 400 feet but Amazon won’t fly its drones above 400 feet.
A team at NASA is working on creating a drone air traffic system (right now it is called Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management). More than 100 companies are said to have agreed to take part in NASA’s this project and almost 14 companies have already signed the agreement including Google, Amazon and Verizon.

Amazon thinks that the drones also need plan equivalent to the flight plans, the drones should also be capable of communication with each other, so that they can avoid collision with each other. Gur Kimchi, Prime Air Head of Amazon has said in an interview with The Verge,” Everyone can have access to the airspace. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hobbyist or a corporation. If you’ve got the right equipment, you can fly.”

Still there is time, when we will be able to see some drones in actual actions, but these plans certainly looks good and if they get into motion, then we can see the drones delivering the product sooner than the expected time.