Amazon plans to launch its own live video service



Amazon is planning to launch an online TV service, which will include programs from major networks like NBC and CBS. Amazon has some pretty good and successful original shows. Transparent has won Golden Globe and Emmy awards. The company is planning to expand its video offering business.

According to Bloomberg, Amazon is planning to explore its video offerings, as the company is considering an online TV service that will offer contents of CBS and NBC. It is also in talks with multiple content offering players. The company also wants to know how much it would cost to license the content it wants.

Rayburn says that it is possible that Amazon just want to know more about the economic condition of this market rather than launching its own product. But in any case, it is obvious that company is interested in live streaming video platform. So Amazon may launch its own live TV.

According to the report of Bloomberg, this discussion is still in very early phase. Currently many companies are trying to explore the TV business and trying to bring customers TV without the help of cable providers. It is possible that Amazon also ventures in this business and take on some currently available services. We can just hope that Amazon launches its service sooner than later.