Amazon is now set to deliver emails too!

By | January 29, 2015
Amazon Workmail

Amazon Inc that started off with the delivering books and now with bigger ambitions, is all set to deliver e-mails.

US online trade giant Amazon has announced plans to offer a cloud-based email and calendar services, WorkMail. It aims to directly compete with Microsoft Outlook and Google, who already hold a significant portion of the market. Amazon strongly believes that it can outdo its competitors with its simplicity and lesser rates.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon’s WorkMail¬† will charge as less as $4 per month per user inbox and workers can use it via Microsoft Outlook or other familiar email clients. Under the cover, however it would be Amazon technology that would take care of sending and retrieving mails.

Amazon offers its service through Amazon Web Services and allows 50GB mailbox storage for every user. The service may be tagged with Amazon WorkDocs, a file storage service formerly called Zocalo. It is the recent step by Amazon Web Services to offer high-end enterprise services, expanding beyond its core storage and cloud competing products.


Peter De Santis, the vice president of Amazon Web Services, says the repeated requests from the  customers for a cost-effective and simpler mailing and calendaring service that is secure and reliable served as the inspiration for launching WorkMail. Simplicity and security are two factors that WorkMail revolves around.

With regard to the security, Workmail runs through Amazon’s computer networks, that encrypts/ scrambles mails so that no one could spy on the intercepted emails. Customers get the control of the keys to unscramble the contents. It also enables to save the emails in the designated geographic locations only which is a very appealing feature for the regulated and privacy-concerned European industries. The official launch of MailBox is yet to be announced.

Amazon is well-known for breaking into corporate technology areas where potential customers have established operations and relationships with other vendors. Critics state that email maybe a tough market to crack but it is an interesting move for Amazon as the cloud email space is dominated only by two players – Microsoft and Google. So its chances of making a dent is very high.