Amazon launches refurbished Kindle HDX 8.6 and Fire OS 4



Today Amazon has launched many new devices along with Fire OS 4 after disastrous launch of Fire Phone. This time instead of going for smartphone, Amazon looks more dedicated towards its very popular Kindle Flagship, launches refurbished, even smarter tablet with Kindle Fire HD Kids(Tablet for kids), Fire HD 6 and Fire HD 7 and also announces the Fire OS version 4.

Amazon after getting worst response from public after launching the first ever Fire Phone, I think it took a right decision to offer folks only what they need or like. Days by Days its demand is going down and may after this year Amazon will stop the Production of  Fire Phone. However, its not the right time to say anything about this.


Undoubtedly, Amazon has monopoly in e-reader device and people also like its Tablet that comes with awesome UI and offers great performance. Now two new members has been added to Findle family will all new latest hardware and specs(Scroll down to see them).

We’ll first start off with the refreshed Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. The previous generation model was released around this time last year and landed with a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor coupled with 2 GB of RAM. But in todays update, it bumps the processor spec to a quad-core Snapdragon 805 running at a clocked at 2.5GHz. According to the Amazon, Snapdragon 805 offers 70 percent faster graphics performance while still providing around 12 hours of battery life.

All other features filled woth the device are the dual cameras and 8.9” 2,560 x 1,600 display resolution which is comparatively  similar to the earlier version. The new Fire HDX will be priced at $379 and will ship in October; The device now has be already up for pre-Order at Amazon’s website. As accessory, one thinnest and lightest full-featured keyboard with a trackpad has also been listed to the website at $59.99

Now, talking about the all new tablets, Amazon has released a brand new Kindle Fire HD line. Available in 6 inches and 7 inches displays sizes, all other specs between the two digital slates remain exactly the same. That means that you will get a HD display, 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, front- and rear-facing cameras, and Advanced Dolby Digital Plus Audio.

Amazon at the end, has also added that the all 3rd-gen Kindle Fire tablets will be able to get the Fire OS 4 via an over-the-air update, while the aforementioned Fire Phone will get the update early in 2015.