Amazon Echo shows local search results from YELP



Amazon Echo, the voice assistant device from the online retailer company gets smarter. This Echo Device now integrates the Yelp search results. The Amazon Echo device will obtain local search results for restaurants and other local places via Yelp.

You can ask Alexa for pizza delivery and it will send the Yelp results to your smartphone or tablet. The basic requirement for this feature to work is that you have to set your local address to the setting tabs of Echo app. Once you set tour address to the Echo apps, you can get all the local search results for local businesses from Yelp via your Echo voice assistant device.

You just have to ask Alexa for any details about the places near you. Customers can also get the detailed results with Yelp link from the Alexa app. Amazon told that more search results are also coming to the Echo app pretty soon. This feature will give you voice results for your entire search; you can also disable this feature.

Amazon has been giving some useful updates of its Echo apps, which makes its voice assistant device more useful. The company has added many new features by updating its app time to time. This Yelp update for Echo app has been rolled out this Friday, so you can now ask Alexa for any nearby places.