Amazon Echo now supports Insteon Lights



Amazon’s voice smart speaker Amazon Echo becomes smarter today, as the company has added new controls for connected switches, lights and sockets of Insteon. Amazon has announced that its voice activated speaker will now work with Insteon’s lights and dimmers.

With addition of this new features, user can now turn the Insteon light On or Off by talking to Alexa. When you tell Alexa to turn the light on or off, Amazon’s cloud will transfer the request to Insteon’s cloud and then your Insteon device will act based on your request. People can also tell Alexa to dim the light to specific percentage and you can even group some of your gadgets in Alexa app to control all the devices at once.

This new feature works with only line voltage relay devices of Insteon, meaning you can play with switches, Insteon LED and outlets only, you won’t be able to control other Insteon devices like thermostats, connected locks and others.

Amazon Echo new integration will work with Insteon’s latest regular Hub; don’t get confused with Hub Pro that is specifically designed for HomeKit. Insteon’s lighting device is not the only thing Amazon Echo supports right now, as this voice activated AI powered device already supports Samsung’s SmartThings, Philips Hue and Belkin’s WeMo.
Amazon Echo becomes more useful device for connected Home day by day, as it is adding some new features regularly.