Amazon Echo to help you control smart devices at home

By | July 9, 2015


Amazon Echo is a voice controlled Bluetooth speaker, which was announced November last year is now available for anyone, who is ready to spend $179.99. This is a 9 inch tall cylindrical shape device, which is designed to be a personal assistant by doing works like helping you to answer some questions, updating you with latest news, playing music and some other stuff. Alexa will do all the personal assistant portion provide by the Amazon Echo, so you have to remember it.

If your home is filled with some smart appliances and Wink based light, then this Amazon Echo will help you managing it in an easy way by your voice. You can also use it for whether and traffic report. You can also play radio and music occasionally. If you pair your Wink devices to this Amazon Echo speaker, then you can tell it to control it. For doing this you have to ask Alexa to “turn off/on the light” or “turn on/off the fan.” This device has some range limits, meaning you can’t control your smart device by using this Amazon Echo speaker from around your entire home, but this will definitely do some of your works, when you come home after all day hard work.