affiliate program : Review and Commission structure


Amazon is the American leading eCommerce company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It started as an online bookstore and expanded its operations to selling electronic goods, gadgets, DVDs, video and MP3 downloads/streaming, apparel, furniture, food, toys, jewelry, mobile phones, tablets and more.

Coming to the Affiliate program, it is nothing but marketing the products of the popular eCommerce sites through the blog or other website. Those eCommerce store will the pay the blogger or site owner who marketed the products of  the store through their blog. affiliate program is known as Amazon associates allow you to earn up to 10-15% depending upon the types of products using the special link from your website or blog.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program review


Amazon is offering better commission rates compared to its competitors. Amazon’s product section is plentiful and it is regarded as one of the most trusted online retailer. Amazon’s associates commission structure varies from product to product. Below is the detailed commission structure Amazon offering in USA.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program Commission structure

Commission structure of the affiliate program varies from product to product, as for electronic good they are offering 4%, for game downloads and fashion jewelry they offer 10% and on all the products commission rates varies around 6-8%. The commission percentage also increases depending on the number of products shipped/Downloaded in the given month. In the below table you can find out the latest commission rates offering by Amazon on different products.

Fixed advertising Fee rates for specific product categories 

 Product Category Fixed Advertising fee rates
Electronic Products 4%
Amazon MP3 products 5%
Amazon instant videos 5%
Game downloads 10%
Gift cards for 6%
Gift cards not redeemable on 4%
Amazon Coins 10%
Grocery products 4%
Gaming Consoles 1%
Headphones 6%
DVD 4%
Jewelry products 10%
Industrial products and products on 8%
Products available on 8%
Products available on Amazonlocal 6%


Volume based Advertising fee rates for general products

Number of products downloaded/shipped in one month Volume based Advertising fee rates
1-6 4%
7-30 6%
31-110 6.5%
111-320 7%
321-630 7.5%
631-1570 8%
1571-3130 8.25%
3131+ 8.5%

Not withstanding the advertising fee rates shown on the above tables, few limitations apply.

  • Advertising fees for all the qualifying purchases of the products that are personal computers are limited to maximum of $25 per personal computer, regard of the qualifying revenues received from the sale of that product.
  • Advertising fees for all qualifying purchase of fine art items can be upto maximum of $200 per product, regardless of qualifying revenues that are generated through the sale of that item.

Amazon runs some special or limited time promotions under which blogger can earn the advertising fees on the products or categories which were previously excluded from earning the advertising fees or you can earn the increased advertising fees from those set forth above.

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How to build affiliate links for

Publisher can easily build Affiliate HTML links through their Amazon Associates Dashboard, but there is an alternative way which makes it easy to create clean affiliate hyperlinks.

All the items that are listed on the Amazon site have an unique ASIN code and for the books, it is same the Book’s ISBN code. This code can be found on the product details of any Amazon listing. Once you found that ASIN code and got your Amazon Associate ID, then you can build HTML hyperlink in the below format.