Amazon Cloud now offers unlimited storage to overtake Dropbox and Google


Amazon with its recent announcement has knocked down all its rivals in the cloud world by offering unlimited online storage for a tiny yearly fee.

Amazom unlimited cloud storage

The company on Thursday rolled out two tiers of unlimited storage for Cloud Drive users which offers a plan for storing unlimited photos and another broad plan offers storage of unlimited media files . This is the first ever time such an option is available to users apart from select criteria.

The unlimited Photos Plan is charged $12 per year or around a dollar a month for the space to store endless photos in the Amazon’s Cloud Drive. Apart from photos, users can also store videos and other media files for 5 GB.

In the second plan which is a more extensive plan allows the netizens to store any kind of unlimited media file whether its photos or videos or music etc., for just $60 ($59.99) per year. Both the unlimited storage plans shows how Amazon strategically works to make advances in the consumer-focused cloud storage market.

“Most people have lifetime of birthdays, vacations, holidays and everyday moments stored across numerous devices. And they don’t know how many gigabytes they need to back all of them up,” said Josh Petersen, director of Amazon Cloud Drive. “With the two new plans we are introducing today, customers do not need to worry about storage space – they now have an affordable, secure solution to store unlimited amounts of photos, videos, movies, music and files in one convenient place.”

Amazon’s drive for Cloud storage kick started last year, as the company unveiled Prime Photos for the premium customers with the unlimited storage option. Soon after the Cloud Drive API which had a bit with developers to make more tightly integrated consumer applications, Amazon started to work to improve cloud storage accessibility.