Amazon Appstore gives away freebies worth $105 for its birthday

By | March 20, 2015

Happy birthday, Amazon Appstore!

Amazon Appstore has turned four today and is giving away huge giveaways as a part of celebration for Android users. On Thursday, it announced a new Free App of the Day Bundle which stocks 34 paid Android apps and games worth up to $105 available for free.


Amazon has its own in-house Appstore for Android users. All the company owned hardware, smartphone and tablets like Kindle Fire devices come with pre-installed Appstore. Other Android users can download it for free.

The anniversary offer started on Thursday and will go on until March 22, its actual birthday. The promotion offers 34 free apps and games which includes the horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, orginally priced at $2.99 that is one among the top paid apps globally. The list also holds few pricey productive apps like EasyTether ($9.99) that lets its user connect their smartphone connection with their PC, NeoCal Advanced Calculator ($9.99) , a scientific calculator for smartphone users, G-Stomper Studio ($9.95), a music production tool and HanDBase ($9.99), a database manager.

Few other goodies in the list are Cut the Rope ($0.99), Word of Goo ($4.99), Guardians of the Galaxy – The Universal Weapon ($2.99), Bank Escape Pro ($0.99) and Pumped BMX2 ($2.99). Click here to check the full list of free goodies.

It has to be noted that to download and install apps on their Android devices users will need to sideload the Amazon Appstore for Android. The given instruction has to be followed to install Amazon Appstore on the Android device. After installation, the paid apps can be got for free by visiting their page, with install from ‘Unknown sources’ option turned on from Security settings. But the users should not fail to turn off the option once it’s done for the own safety.

The Appstore for Amazon was launched on March 22, 2011 with just around 4000 apps and games for Android devices. In a short span of four years, the store has grown and houses more than 400,000 apps and games. The Appstore is integrated into Amazon’s Fire devices and comes loaded in few other Android handsets and BlackBerry 10 devices too.

Hurry peeps! Try out the different apps and games and check which ones are worth retaining.