Affiliate program : Review and Commission structure


Amazon, world’s leading eCommerce company has started its operations in India in 2013. From then, it has acquired 2nd place in the Indian eCommerce market space next to Flipkart. Started with limited number of products like books, movies and television for sale, they expanded to other products including kitchen items, toys, jewelry, mobile phones, tablets, electronic gadgets and more.

Coming to the Affiliate program, it is nothing but marketing the products of the popular eCommerce sites through the blog or other website. Those eCommerce store will the pay the blogger or site owner who marketed the products of  the store through their blog. affiliate program is known as Amazon associates allow you to earn up to 10-15% depending upon the types of products using the special link from your website or blog.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program review


In June 2013, Amazon has launched Amazon Associates affiliate program for the Indian publishers with better commission rates compared to its competitors like Flipkart. Many of the bloggers and webmasters have eagerly waited for Amazon to enter the Indian eCommerce market space, since their commission structure is very good in UK and USA. After Amazon started its operations in India, it gave tough competition to Flipkart and other competitors to hold their market lead. After Amazon’s entry Flipkart also increased its commission structure making it tough decision for the bloggers to choose.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program Commission structure


Commission from Amazon varies from product to product, as for consumer electronics they are offering 5% and on storage devices like Pen Drives, External Hard drives and Memory cards they are offering just 3%. On clothing and shoes they are offering as high as 15% and on remaining fashion and beauty products it is 10%. In the below figure you can find out the latest commission rates offering by Amazon on different products. You will not be paid for the qualifying purchases of Amazon’s Kindle eBooks.

 Product Category Fixed Advertising fee rates
Consumer electronics 5%
Gift Card 5%
Clothing 15%
Shoes 15%
Beauty & Health 10%
Books & Media 10%
Toys & Baby products 10%
Watches 10%
Fashion Jewelry 10%
Home & Kitchen 10%
Kindle Devices 10%
Video Games 10%
Luggage & Bags 10%
Sports, Fitness & Outdoors 10%
Storage devices 3%

You will be paid for all the products that visitors buy through the links from your site and not just for the specific products which you advertise. You can earn your fees on the qualifying products placed in the customer’s cart within 24 hours of their arrival at Amazon store through your site’s Associates link. This 24 hour window closes after customer submits his/her order through another Associate’s link and this opens another 24 hour window.

Amazon, from time to time run some limited time offers and special promotions, which can be used by publisher to earn more commission on advertising the products which were previously not included from earning advertising fees and you can also increase your earnings from the increased advertising fee rates. Amazon also notifies affiliates regarding the special offers and promotions through emails and blog posts.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program Payout limit

Amazon Associates programs provides monthly payments, this means that you will receive the payment for the products sold through the affiliate links from your site within 60 days from the months they were sold. Minimum payment threshold for the payments is Rs.2,500 and you can even set the higher threshold limit. Amazon will deduct 10% income tax from your earnings when the annual income exceeds Rs.5000.

How to build affiliate links for

Publisher can easily build Affiliate HTML links through their Amazon Associates Dashboard, but there is an alternative way which makes it easy to create clean affiliate hyperlinks.

All the items that are listed on the Amazon site have an unique ASIN code and for the books, it is same the Book’s ISBN code. This code can be found on the product details of any Amazon listing. Once you found that ASIN code and got your Amazon Associate ID, then you can build HTML hyperlink in the below format.