Amazon acquires 2lemetry to boost IoT strategy

By | March 13, 2015
Amazon Internet of things

As a measure to strengthen its reach into the Internet of Things, Amazon has acquired 2lemetry, a start-up that has developed a platform for the integration of connected devices across enterprises. The terms of the deal, which was finalized earlier this week, were not disclosed.

Amazon Internet of things

Founded in 2011, 2lemetry is an Internet of Things platform and technology company that powers the connected enterprise, tying people, processes, data and devices together – transforming raw data into real-time actionable intelligence.

The company had raised total $9 million so  far, which includes $4 million in funding that was secured in January this year from Salesforce Ventures and other private investors. 2lemetry’s customers include Honeywell, the Demeter energy group and First Mile, an office recycling service.

San Francisco based quoted Amazons spokesperson as saying, “I can confirm that Amazon has acquired 2lemetry and we look forward to continuing to support 2lemetry customers.” “As you may have heard, Amazon has acquired 2lemetry. Our existing service has not changed, and with Amazon we will offer our same customer support. We still have the same name and branding as before,” 2lemetry said on its website.

Amazon in 2013 introduced a platform called Kinesis to process and analyze high-volume data streams from any number of sources and in real-time – a move seen by some as the company’s first foray into the IoT business. Integrating 2lemetry’s team and technology could be one way of enhancing the functionality of that solution and configuring it specifically for machine-to-machine deployments.

Amazon has not been pushing into IoT on the consumer front. Amazon now sells home automation hardware such as smart locks and thermostats in its own store. Coupled with the work Amazon has put into Echo, its own connected-home assistant hardware, 2lemetry’s technology could find its way into a consumer-focused service too.

2lemetry’s acquisition is expected to give a boost to Amazon’s IoT strategy in the enterprise segment.