Alkekopter : Arcade game full of floating skulls and fireballs in Windows

By | September 2, 2014

The Alkekopter is a new style arcade game in the Windows Phone operating system and Windows 8 OS. The game is not like the runner games which are available in the Windows Phone eco-system. In this game you are playing the role of a floating skull, which is armed with a floating fireball that is dangling from a chain. It is available for low-memory devices. The  Alkekopter comes with simple controls and it has a challenging game play and it is not a bad time waster. The game is available free to download for the Windows Phone eco-system as well as Windows 8 operating system also.


In this game you will find a a nicely animated, challenging game for your Windows Smartphone. And the Game play has a nice place right out of the gate which only slows down the momentarily before you run across your nemesis or the giant skull. In this gameplay of Alkekopter you have your floating your skull and fireball slowly drifting across the screen. In this you can able to control the skulls movement and position by dragging your finger along with the screen of your Smartphonr. When the skull moves, the chained fireball will also move accordingly in the direction of the skull. If  in the case you make a slight circular motion with your finger, then the fireball will begin to spin.


During the game play you will get some evil skulls. Any type of contact made by an enemy skull (alive or other) will drain your skull of health points. If you spin your fireball clockwise, you will knock the enemy upwards and run the risk of getting hit by them as they plummet to the ground. You will also find Power ups which include such items such as health restore, or a blast, which will take out enemies in the vicinity and other weapons boosts. These power-ups drop from the top of the screen and have to be collected by the skull. The game is available in Windows OS and as well as in the Windows Phone OS platform also, if you want to download this game, then you can go the links which are available below :