Alibaba’s new CEO wants the company to Globalize

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Alibaba, the Chinese eCommerce giant which has been responsible for the eCommerce revolution around the globe is trying to mark itself as a global candidate in the eCommerce store and the company will start to work aggressively for the same. The new CEO, Daniel Zhang pointed while talking to the employees.

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Alibaba still gets most of its revenue from the Chinese market, however, the new CEO, working for Jack Ma’s dream of keeping the company on top for at least 100 years said we will not only pour the money, but we will reduce the differences and we will try to become a truly Global company in the years to come. According to him,

“We need to have global talent. We will have employees from all over the world that look different from each other,” said Zhang. “We have to take the time to understand them, to understand their habits, cultural differences, and way of thinking. This is how we become a truly international company.”

The international initiatives by Alibaba haven’t paid off to well in the past. In Taiwan, the company was under the law for regulatory issues and in other countries like USA and Australia, Alibaba hasn’t really been too comfortable setting up the business.

Tmall Global, a unit of Alibaba which lets the international sellers reach out to the normal public of China to directly sell the products is one of the initiatives to help transform the way Alibaba works.

Alibaba Official

Australia (one of the key trade partners for China, has seen a few moves by the company already including the online payment service, Alipay. Along with Australia, Alibaba has marked its presence in United States with the launch of 11 Main, the business which sells luxury good from the small boutiques.

Alibaba’s move is also seen as a response to the fact that the growth of company has been declining in China. In January at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, Alibaba founder Jack Ma stated that the company plans to surpass the Walmart figures in the coming 10 years by listing at least 10 million businesses outside of China. The eCommerce giant currently has half of that number and most of them are based out of China. According to Jack Ma, “Everyone has a different perspective on Alibaba. In the U.S., we are described as a Chinese company, but in China, the focus is on our foreign business.”

Alibaba has had various issues in the recent past when the company image was under threat and the new CEO is completely aware of that. Taobao, another venture by Alibaba has been a hotbed for the faulty goods over the last few years and despite of several tries, the company hasn’t really been able to restore the same faith. According to Zhang,

“When we face issues like counterfeit goods and brushing, are we able to step up and improve our market-monitoring mechanisms and to perfect them in order to effectively combat these harmful products on our platforms. In order to reach our goal of $1 trillion in GMV, we need to transform our platform into a high-quality, thriving platform.”

The global expansion of Alibaba is not only in the eCommerce sector. The company has been working pretty hard in the cloud computing segment and recently the company has set up servers in the USA and Middle east, both of them are highly productive IT markets for the years to come.

Author: Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan

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