Air New Zealand and Aimia acquires 11Ants to improve business


Air New Zealand and Aimia, Canadian marketing and loyalty analytic company have bought Waikato University spinoff 11Ants Analytics for an amount undisclosed.

Air New Zealand and 11Ants

Founded in 2007 by the University of Waikato’s commercial arm, 11Ants received venture captial backing from Endeavor Capital. 11Ans have developed an innovative cloud-based retail analytics platform. The platform permits retailers like supermarket, fuel retailers, home improvement, fashion, pharmacies and departmental stores to get actionable insights from their raw transactional and customer data. This would help understand their customer better and create deeper customer relationships. The entity re-named last month from Khipu Systems to 11Ants Analytics.

The reason behind the joining hands is simple. Air New Zealand does not have the experience to run an analytics company, nor does it have the skills to develop customer loyalty analytics solution. This is where Aimia’s broad skills come handy. However, Aimia misses analytics technology and strong reference customer in the airline industry. This is where the 11 Ants fit in.

The joint venture would provide a means for 11Ants Analytic’s business to enter and expand into more than 20 countries Aimia operates in, across several industries including the retail and travel sectors, said Tom Fuyala, the investor and chief executive of the company. Aimia get to enter a very new dimension and get some good IP to boot. For Air New Zealand, the venture is expected to bring in more products and services for its customers which it could in the past years.

The General Manager Customer Value of Air New Zealand says, “Investing in new technologies and finding new ways to innovate enables us to take this to the next level, with decisions about our business and the products and services we offer our customers based on data insights from those same customers.”

Senior Vice president, Global Business Development at Aimia, Marc Allsop said, “Working with an innovative airline such as Air New Zealand and 11Ants Analytics’ team immediately adds to Aimia’s deep global data analytics and product capabilities, and is a fantastic opportunity for us to develop new products for the untapped travel sector.”

As already discussed, the terms of the deal are undisclosed, however, assessments by the reports, the term between Aimia and Air New Zealand is couched as an ongoing service contract. For 11Ants Analytics, on the other hand, it’s not necessary for the quantum to be particularly high. This collaboration proves them with the ability to scale up and to be even a tiny part of a big opportunity means a lot to them.