Affiliate marketing program in India : Review


Affiliate marketing is the performance based marketing, in which any company in which an eCommerce company or any other company rewards on or more affiliates for every customer or visitor brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. It is the best online money earning opportunity for the bloggers, webmasters and internet marketers have at their disposal. Both thee client and the affiliate share the risk and ensure that both the parties are rewarded for the risk based on the predefined objectives and goals.

In India, due to the lack of the good affiliate programs the marketers look up for the popular foreign affiliate networks to carry out their campaigns. Those foreign affiliate networks mostly target the US and Canada traffic and totally avoid the Indian market.

The success of the  affiliate marketing relies upon the following factors

  • Nexus of affiliates, ad-networks and publishers.
  • Widest reach.
  • Impressive conversion volume.
  • Optimized CPC, CPV, CPL, CPA.

Process of affiliate marketing

The online retailers or the merchants sign up a deal with the publishers or affiliates to sell and promote their products. As per the agreement they have done with, the publisher receives the commission for each sale form their side. The sale details, its tracking and the payment is done through the affiliate network. After the agreement has done, the retailer provides the advertiser with the text ads, links, banner ads, email id and phone number to promote the sales.

Depending on internet marketing activities, affiliate marketing uses PPC, SEO, content marketing, email  marketing and displaying the advertisements to promote the online sales through the affiliate sites. As there are depth monitoring and tracking tools are available, every sale through the affiliates is accounted.


Affiliate marketing program in India

As of now in India there are lack of good affiliate market programs, but it is all set to mature and stabilize in the coming times. Currently, it is in expansion mode and the affiliate management agencies, super affiliates and the third party vendors have emerged recently making it tired and complex to deal with.

A detailed study and the insights to host, run and manage a successful affiliate marketing campaign from the retailer’s end. If you want to be the affiliate marketer to a retailer of the certain Indian products through your blog, social marketing or website, you are left with only few options when it comes to the affiliate programs and networks.

Here I am listing some eCommerce sites offering affiliate programs

1. Flipkart

Flipkart is India’s most popular eCommerce site and it has its own affiliate program. It offers 5% commission on electronic goods and 10% commission on all other products that are sold through your site. A good option to go for India harbors a strong brand recall towards Flipkart.

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2. Amazon

Amazon is the latest and thee biggest player into the eCommerce sector in India. They have several international affiliates and thy continued same for the Indian market as well. Like Flipkart, Amazon also offers 5% on consumer electronics and 10% on all other products.

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It is an unique eCommerce site that is into the selling of health products, there are almost no other players in this segment. So you can use this smartly by using their unique line of products and push for more number of sales and make more money form the commissions.

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4. Jabong is one of the biggest online retailers in the Indian eCommerce market. It provides an opportunity to the bloggers to make money by referring their products to the customers. It offers 10% commission on all sales and products. Unlike other sites Jabong holds a cookie lifetime of 30 days instead of 24 hours which allows you to earn the better commission from the users you referred to their site.

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5. Infibeam

Infibeam is the another major player in Indian eCommerce market which is quite similar to Flipkart. They run the own affiliate programs for Indians. The commission they offer varied for different products. On an average it offers 5% commission on sales.

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