Advertisers to ignore Facebook likes and shares

By | July 9, 2015

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On Facebook like and shares of your posts can give you fair knowledge of your popularity, on social media these two are considered main features. But these two features are making a tedious job for advertisers as accidentally people click on these buttons. Therefore, Social network has decided to drop these features from Cost per click (CPC) measurements, which will make these things less valuable than now.

When this new API of the company will start rolling out from this week, advertisers will see the new adjusted CPCs, which will count clicks leading to an external websites to watch video or install the new apps on another domain. After this new API rule, the likes and shares buttons will become useless, but Facebook says that they are not entirely useless, because if a particular ad had maximum number of likes and shares, then this means that their high content is appreciated by the user. This also means that the high quality content is delivered to right people. Other than this, these features are still important to you and also show the success of the company, celebrity and other pages. So though these likes and shares features won’t be counted for CPC but still has much value for measuring the success.