Adobe takes Forever21 to court for piracy!

By | January 30, 2015

Piracy is wrong and illegal – this is known to all. But still people tend to use pirated movie CDs or various software because it is cheap and need not be safeguarded. Though we don’t favor it, it has become quite common these days. Apart from personal use, it is quite shocking to know some companies use it for business purposes as a cost-effective measure. But what if they get caught? This is what has happened with fashion retail chain Forever 21 recently.


Lately, Adobe Systems Inc, the software giant, has a filed a case against Forever 21 for using pirated copies of the software. Adobe claims pirated copies of Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat and Illustrator were used by Forever 21.

Seems like Forever 21 is not only using pirated versions of Adobe software but couple of other software like Autodesk and Corel too. They have joined hands with Adobe in the law suit, the report says. The companies allegedly state that Forever 21 continued using the software despite being contacted by the companies regarding the infringement.

Though it is not clear, how Adobe and other companies learnt about this breach, the companies claim they have strong evidences like registration numbers and dates for the case. It is strongly believed the black sheep has to be an employee or a former employee of the company as it is most of the times.

When Adobe moved towards cloud-based versions of Photoshop and other software in 2013, the users of pirated versions increased drastically. Adobe responded to it by encouraging the employees to report about their employers using the unauthorized versions of their software. It is likely that finding about Forever 21’s breach should have been a result of this.

Suit is not very heavy on details but its clear Adobe insists that the violation is ‘willful, intentional and malicious copyright infringement.’ It has requested the court to issue order and compensate for the losses, court costs and for the other dames caused. Forever 21 has still. We are yet to hear what Forever 21 has to say, as they have remained silent so far.