Adobe AIR now supported on Intel x86 Android devices


During recent times so many device manufacturers has released the mobile phones and tablets powered by Intel Atom processors.  And now the Android devices running on x86 processors. So Adobe has made an announcement that it would offer the support for X86 based Android Tablets and Phones. This may helpful for the app developers to develop the AIR applications for the Android devices powered by Intel x86.

Adobe has mentioned in its blog, “Intel has committed to ship the 40 million tablet powered by Intel x86 by the end of 2014, we noticed that this is the right time to offer the native AIR support. We are announcing to our AIR developers that we are very excited to offer the support for developing AIR applications for Intel x86 based Android phones and tablets”.

Adobe Air 282_thumb336

With this the app developers can pack their application in both the captive and shared modes. The AIR runtime application with x86 support will be made available on Google Play Store, so that user can receive the regular updates through sync with other supported platforms.

The beta version of the app will be made available in AIR Software Development Kit in the Adobe labs in next few weeks and the final version will be available when Adobe releases next major update. Adobe has stopped development of Flash Player for tablets and smartphones back in 2011, but it still offer the updates to AIR native runtime that powers the thousands of Android applications.

Adobe also has revealed that Adobe AIR service powers more than fifty thousand unique applications on Google Play Store and iTunes store and has been installed more than billion times across the world. Adobe also said that,”by adding support to x86 devices we can able to reach more number of users”.