Adobe acquires Mixamo for enhancing 3D graphics

By | June 2, 2015

Abode has always had a thing for 3D and even though Adobe Photoshop has 3D creation tools, the field is vast and has challenging areas for the designers. With the notion of improving and getting better in the field of 3D, Adobe has recently acquired Mixamo, a company that specializes in 3D graphics.


The seven-year-old 3D graphics company, Mixamo has been working for the betterment of the 3D character creation ever since its launch and has worked hard with the art, paving way for the designers to design and incorporate 3D characters into games in a rather simple and insightful way. Recently, it completely renovated  its online storefront for character models and animations. It gave up on beta last month.

Dan Pacheco, Professor and Chair of Journalism Innovation at Syracuse University said, “This is an interesting move on Adobe’s part and it fits in perfectly with their overall move from 2D to 3D.” Relationship between Adobe and Mixamo is not new for they have already partnered to develop new 3D workflows last October.

Acquiring Mixamo gives Adobe a 3D tool that is simple to use and handy to most designers without any extra training. Understanding the importance of 3D power, Adobe has been working for the improvisation of the 3D compositing and printing in Photoshop last year, but despite of it, there is shortage of 3D designers due to the lack of the right tools. Mixamo is expect to fill the gap. Pacheco said, “It could help broaden the base of designers working in experimental media to include more traditional designers who likely have no experience building 3D games.”

Integrating Mixamo’s technology into Photoshop would allow designers to create, customize, manipulate, rig and animate 3D objects with much simplicity with the ready-made components. Adobe research study shows that character play a vital role for the development of 3D content and lays route for innovation in graphic design.  “From content through capabilities, integrating Mixamo into Creative Cloud provides an incredible platform for more 3D innovation in the future,” said Adobe VP of products and digital imaging Winston Hendrickson.

For Mixamo, the immediate benefits would be reusing and customizing 3D models, flexible lighting, environment, perspective and materials adjustments and more photo realistic scenes. However, there is no clarity regarding the acquisition effect on Mixamo’s current suite of products like the recently introduced Mixamo 2 and the creation tool Fuse, in the long-term. No new users will be accepted in the coming months and no upgrading of accounts allowed, though it allows developers to sign up at no charge. Existing customers will use the service until the end of this year. Customers subscriped for its tools and animation will not be getting a refund, but the uses will get bonus of six-month extension at no additional cost.

This acquisition deal was described as ‘acqui-hire.’ But later, the same spokesperson who described it so, revised the postion saying that Adobe will use Mixamo’s tech and ruling off the term acqui-hire as inaccurate. No financial terms were diclosed. Hendrickson said, “With this acquisition, we are excited to offer greater value to customers while introducing a new way of working to our design community that is looking to push the limits with 3D tools.”