Adidas miCoach train & run app launched for Windows Phone 8.1

By | July 21, 2014


As promised by Adidas earlier  to roll out the miCoach fitness app, and accordingly they have proudly introduced Adidas miCoach train & run for Windows Phone 8.1, earlier it was limited to only Windows Phone 8.

This new version is available for free to download from Windows Store to all devices running Windows Phone 8.1, including the recently launched Lumia 930/635/630. Rest ensured that miCoach train & run app works almost similar as WP 8 OS version, you just need to install the Windows Phone 8.1 update on your Lumia device!

If you are using developer preview of Windows Phone and don’t have miCoach then just move to the App Store to find the app to download. Here below are some of the features that are included compared to the earlier one.


This version features:

  • Bluetooth® Smart support enabling miCoach Heart Rate Monitor and SPEED_CELL™ to work as a Stride Sensor
  • Lumia exclusive voice packages of Johan Blake and Ana Ivanovic
  • Music and MixRadio integration
  • Access to hundreds of miCoach training plans and real-time coaching
  • and many more

If you want to know more about this fitness app, here is the official link. Here you will see the features, UI, and all the features that you are about to get on your phone to stay fit and fine. Personally, I like the voice assistance a lot, every time when you open the app, she will welcome you with a sweet voice, also time to time during workout, it notifies details of your workout.


Download Adidas miCoach fitness app