How to add/remove Windows Update Notifications in Antivirus [ESET NOD32]


Updates are very important and most useful for all the Operating system including windows, It allows you to download and install the latest features, enhancements and improvement. Actually in previous Windows versions “Windows Update” used to show alerts about new updates in Task bar notification area but Microsoft removed this feature from the new Windows 8 OS. Now it shows these alerts at login screen.  This article gives you the information about the how to add/remove windows update notifications in Antivirus ESET NOD32 people who are using windows 8.

Tips in this article will helps the users to get the immediate alerts at NOD32 antivirus about new windows update available. If you are using the NOD32 this article hels you in two things one is Disabling the NOD32 antivirus alerts about windows updates and Customize windows updates alerts from NOD32 antivirus.

  • Initially you need to click on the NOD 32 icon present in System Tray or task bar notification area and this will oprn the main window of the NoD 32.
  • Now click on the setup tab and click on the Enter advanced setup link.
  • Now go to Tools > system updates section in NOD32 settings and in right side pane there you will see a drop down box given to adjust system update notification settings.
  • If you are not interested in getting system updates then click on the NO system updates.
  • If you are interested in customizing the option then select the required options which includes optional Updates, Recommanded updates, Important updates, Critical updates.
  • Once you are done with adjusting the options click on OK Button.

If you got any new update this will alert you as shown in the below figure



Now click on the OK button to proceed and to check the available updates and click on the desired one to download by select he Run system Update. Stay tune for more details