How to add VPN in Windows 8 and 8.1

By | July 10, 2014

Virtual Private Network enables the computer to send and receive the data across the public networks. It is the widely adopted protocol network especially for the enterprise environment and it offers the remote office and for the users secure and encrypted access to the central organization network. It lets the employees to access the company’s intranet securely while outside the office.

VPN is the fairly complicated technology which requires both the ends to follow the same setup and method in order to create the communication channel in between. In this tutorial I will explain how to create the VPN connection on Windows 8 and this method uses built-in network setup to setup the VPN connection to the VPN server built-in Windows Server Technology called as Routing and Remote Access (RASS).



 How to add VPN in Windows 8

  • Open the Network and Sharing center from the control panel or search for “Network” from the settings search panel.
  • After going to Network and Sharing center find “Setup a new connection or network”.
  • There select “Connect to the workplace” and click on Next.
  • Here it will show the two options “Use my internet connection” and “Dial my connection” and click on the first option.
  • Now type in the internet address, either the valid domain or IP address of the remote server and give a name for this connection.
  • Click on create and you are done. Now you can safely close the Network and Sharing center.

Connect to an existing VPN connection

  • Open the charms by moving the cursor to the top or bottom right or otherwise use Win+C to open charms. Click on the settings and click on network icon at the right bottom of the screen.
  • In the networks list click on the VPN connection which you like to use and click on Connect.
  • After clicking on Connect, the new connection is established with the server using the saved credentials.


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