Add Slide to Shutdown feature in Windows 8.1 Start Screen [How to]



Microsoft launched the Windows 8.1 last year will all new Start screen which is incredibly very fast compared to other OS. Since then we are dedicated to help you all with interesting tips and tutorials that helps you utilize the immense features of Windows 8.1. Also some rumors are coming that Microsoft this time going to merge both Windows and Windows Phone into one to increase the productivity.

That why today I thought to write this article helps you test one of the unique feature of Windows Phone in your Windows 8.1 PC which is “Slide to Shutdown“. Follow the steps mentioned below,

Add Slide to Shutdown feature in Windows 8.1 Start Screen [How to]

Steps are so easy that a novice can also add this feature to their Windows PC, lets follow them one by one.

  1. First go to your Windows folder where you have installed the system files. If C is your Windows drive then follow this path:
  2. After going inside the file you need to find a file called “SlideToShutDown.exe“.
    Tip: Searching for file one by one takes so much time, better you Write the filename in the search bar at top right corner.
  3. In the search result you will see only one file with this name, just right click on it and send it to either on the start menu or desktop.
  4. Now go to your desktop to see the shortcut you have just created. Change the icon of the file and keep it at the task bar right after the Windows icon.