How to add notes to URLs in Google Chrome


Internet is filled with lots of valuable information and it is the helpful resource for anyone who doing some research work. If you are doing some research you just require more than just bookmarking certain links. Bookmarking the links helps you to refer back quickly to the site, but it won’t allow you to add some notes about that particular site.

AnnoPad, the Chrome extension will allow you to add notes and save the webpages at the same time. This extension lets you to save the webpage and the notes at the same time along with it. It would be easier for the user to remember some details regarding the website without need to open it. It works ideal for the long glossaries and it just acts like Notepad and lets you to type as many line you want.


How to add notes to URLs in Google Chrome

  • First add AnnoPad extension to Google Chrome from here and upon adding the extension you will find an blue icon at the top-right corner of chrome browser
  • Now select which webpage you want to save and annotate and there click on the icon and here click on the “New” button to add notes to the current webpage.
  • No need to click on the Save button, because the notes will be automatically saved and you can customize it by adding different fonts and styles.
  • You can add as many individual notes as you want for the same webpage.
  • If you have saved more than one URL note then you can view them under “All” tab and if you want to delete any URL entry then just click on the x mark to the right of URL.
  • To hide the AnnoPad menu just click on note icon again and return to the normal browser view. When it is hidden then the number of URLs saved appear in Red color below the Blue notepad icon.
  • You can export all the URLs with notes to the PDF file or text file. To do this you just need to click on the cog icon in the top-left corner and select whether to export it as a PDF or text file.