How to add Gmail accounts to iOS using app specific password

By | October 6, 2014

If you have Gmail or Google accounts which has two step verification enable, the process of adding the adding Gmail accounts to iOS using app specific password is slight different, as you may have found out if you attempt the sign-in and got an incorrect password error. This is because you need to generate the app specific password for your iOS device in order to link in to Gmail or Google accounts securely. Here this article bring you the clear information about How to add the Gmail accounts to iOS using app specific password. 

How to use Google app-specific passwords for mail, contacts, and calendars in iOS 

  • Initially open safari on your iOS device and go to the
  • As usually log in to your Gmail or Google accounts, you may not required any two step verification.
  • Once you log in, under app passwords click on the settings.
  • Choose mail in the first drop down and iOS in the second drop down.
  • Tap on Generate.
  • Now you have to copy the app specific password which is generated on the clipboard.
  • Press your Home button return to the Home screen.
  • Now open the settings on your iOS device and tap on Calenders, mails and contacts.
  • Under account section tap on the Google account, add it if you are not added it.
  • Paste the password which you have copied from the clip board instead of your regular password.
  • That’s it, your Gmail or Google accounts will start working normally with out any errors.