How to Add Emoticons to Contacts on Windows Phone



As we all Windows Phone users know there are very less option to customize their smartphone compared to Android or even iPhone. Mostly you can change the color of the live tiles, you can customize the lock screen or if you have updated Windows Phone 8.1 then you can use transparent live tiles using a background image.

Basically we are here to customize the contacts on Windows Phone by adding emoticons or emoji depending on the choice. If it wonders you, how we can add Emoticons to Contacts on Windows Phone without even installing any app then just skip to the content and follow the simple steps to get your task done in no time.

How to Add Emoticons to Contacts on Windows Phone

Let’s begin the tutorial,

  1. Open the text messaging app on your Windows Phone (use default app).
  2. Don’t worry, no need to send any sms to anyone, just type the emoticons you wants to use to add to someone’s contact.
    WP screenshot-2
  3. Highlight those emoticons by highlighting them and then copy it to the clipboard.
  4. Now go to the contact list and select a contact you want to edit, just tap on the name and edit,
  5. In place of second name just paste the emoticons you have just copied.
    WP screenshot-1
  6. Save it, and you are done, try calling to the same number, you will see the emoticons are also showing along with the name on the screen.