How to add comma key on Windows Phone 8.1 keyboard

By | September 23, 2014


Compared to Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has changed so many things with the latest Windows Phone 8.1, starting from the start menu to the performance. Removal of comma key from the native Keyboard is also among those changes that Microsoft has made. Now, to use comma, you need to press and hold either (.)dot key or go to symbol section and select comma key. If you think this is time taking, just follow this tutorial to add the comma key on Windows Phone 8.1 keyboard easily.

To get back the comma key, you have to do some changes with the settings, sometimes while typing email you will not be able to see the comma button, even without following the process here below, because instead of that comma key, Microsoft has added @ key to increase typing speed.

How to add comma key on Windows Phone 8.1 keyboard

  1. From the Windows Phone 8.1 swipe left to see the settings app, or just swipe down to see notifications and select the settings icon at the top right corner.
  2. Scroll down until you see the keyboard option, most probably after ‘date+time‘ option it will be there.
  3. Inside the keyboard, you will different keyboard based on language, if you have installed only US English, there you will see only one.
  4. At the downside, there must be an option called ‘advance’. tap on it.
  5. 4. Check “Show a comma key when available.”
  6. Done, now open any app that requires typing something and enjoy keyboard with comma.

See, how it was to add the comma key, but trust me, i was unaware about this hidden features. What you think, is it a lenghty process to follow on any Windows Phone running WP 8.1?