Adaptxt Keyboard 3.0 app predicts apps and location

By | April 16, 2014


After a couple of months in beta phase, the Adaptxt keyboard app is now available to general with a couple of new features and functionality. Adaptxt is both location and app detector, featuring tailored predictions dependent upon where you are and what you are doing. The most recent modification to that end is the ability for users to manually provide desired locations, so your keyboard can rapidly foresee road names and milestones as you write. App awareness signifies you will get forecasts with a formal skew when typing messages on your work account, and more slang when texting through SMS, for instance.

Adaptxt additionally has a prospering plug-in ecosystem, complete with handy industry-particular language packs, and in addition more useful add-on, such as new fonts and background. As of now, there are a bundle tailor-built for state colleges. Custom word substitutions are of service for rapidly punching out more regular expressions with insignificant keystrokes; writing “brb” might be automatically changed to “Be Right Back”.

This gonna be helpful if you love sending SMSs or texts, now you don’t need to type the whole message or text to forward anyone just use app like that and it will be done in secs. However it is bit tough to understand how this is working what is the proper way to use the short-code to get desired output etc.

One more thing I would like to add regarding this keyboard app with location detector is not available for free at all. Adaptxt is free only for a 30-day trial, and is unlocked permanently for a one-time $2.99 fee. Personally, I still use SwiftKey most of the time, but I am also planning of replacing it up and giving Adaptxt a shot for a while. What about you guys?

To get this app click on the link below to go to PlayStore

[Play Store Link-Adaptxt Keyboard 3.0 app]