Adaptxt 3.0 : World’s first location based word suggestion keyboard

By | May 12, 2014

Adaptxt is the world first smart keyboard to to update its dictionary based on the user’s geographical location. It is the one of the most flexible available on the Android platform and supports 93 languages, location specific word specifications, 44 industry specific dictionaries and many options that can customize the feel and look of your keyboard. It provides more accurate and contextual word predictions based on the language of the location where you are.


Now Adaptxt is upgraded to the version 3.0 and included some new features.


  • Location based word suggestions : Add and save the location and you will receive the suggestions of street names and landmarks while typing.
  • Application based suggestions : It detects the current application usage and provides the suggestions accordingly.
  • Self Learning  : It learns form your writing styles and it provides the personalized word suggestions according to your writing style. It also learns from your Gmail, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Highly customizable : You can create your own themes, modify the key shapes, background, font style, clore and height of the keyboard.
  • Auto correction and Auto capitalization.
  • Silent dictionary updates for the trending words and error corrections and context based predictions.
  • Support for 93 languages and 44 industry specific dictionaries such as law, medicine, sports, business and entertainment.

Single Key Function :

  1. Share key : Share your messages directly on the social networking sites from your keyboard.
  2. Clipboard : Select, Cut, Copy, paste and navigation keys.
  3. Revert key : Undo auto correction.

How it works

  • Download Adaptxt form Google Play Store and set up it on your device.
  • After installing you will be informed about some of the key features that make Adaptxt a very nice keyboard.
  • Go to app’s comprehensive settings menu to know more about the keyboard.
  • In the settings you can customize the keyboard according to your wish.

Adaptxt is the best and intelligent keyboard with a great word suggestion feature. You can customize it with your own themes and as you like.

Download Adaptxt 3.0



Author: Peter Jacksonn

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