How to Activate Two Factor Authentication on Gmail Account

By | July 9, 2014
two factor authentication

Before knowing the steps to active the two factor authentication on G mail Account, we should know what is Two Factor Authentication? Two factor Authentication adds additional layer to protect the account, requiring the new method for validation your identity you need to provide atleast two of the following

  • What you know ( For example : your password or Answer to the question_
  • What you have ( For Ex: use USB drive with security token on it or a code which is text to cell phone)
  • Who are you ( Your finger print or Eye scan)

Many security system now a days using only one factor authentication with unique password and user name which falls under what you know category. But the Two factor authentication needs in addition to the user name, password and either what you know or who are you. Now you got an idea about what is two Factor Authentication, In this article we will discuss the steps how to activate two factor authentication on G mail Account.

Steps to activation Two Factor Authentication on G mail

  • Login to your G mail account and visit two step verification settings page.
  • Click on start setup.
  • Now you need to enter the code, which you will receive to your mobile phone, you wish to set whether to receive it by voice call or SMS.


  • Once you receive the code you have to enter it.
  • Decide whether to trust the computer your using or not and click next.


  • Read ┬áthe info about this two factor authentication and click conform it.


  • Two factor authentication is activated is completed.