Action Launcher for Android gained OK Google support


Android has got the ability to use the custom launchers, at the time when the other competing platforms are starting to adopt the functionality. Action Launcher is one of the third party custom launcher, which looks and feels like a natural launcher for the Android ecosystem.

Here is the list of some features of Action Launcher.

  • A quickdrawer is present in just a slide away for the instant access to all the widgets and the apps.
  • Covers, the best and quick way to launch the apps and shortcuts.
  • Shutters, the innovative feature which unlocks the power and potential of the Android widgets.
  • Quickpage, fully featured home screen which can be accessed from the right of the screen.
  • Translucent navigation and status bars.
  • Strong play store integration.


Till now, most of the custom launchers are suffering with lack of support for Google voice commands. Now this launcher has updated to beta 2.1 version and added the support for “OK, Google” voice activation feature which is available for the devices running on Android 4.4 or higher version.

In addition to the OK, Google the latest update has added the double turn to screen off feature. and support for Roboto condensed feature, cover/shutter indicators, additional flexibility in customizing the icon labels and unspecified stability improvements. The developers has also the plan to add the unread count support to the version 2.1, but his feature is not currently the part of this beta version.

With this latest updates and added unique features this app is trying to break away from the other custom launchers.

Download Action Launcher from here.