Acer to bring SmartBand, Newphones, Tablets and Laptops in 2014

By | May 2, 2014

Acer is a Taiwan company, used to manufacture products of Gadgets. The products of this company includes Laptops, Personal computers, Smartphones, Displays, Tablets, peripherals and more. Here’s the list of devices which the company announced today at an event held at New York. where Acer is bringing the Smart band, New phones, Tablets and Laptops in 2014.


Acer has announce the very first Smart band product called Liquid Leap, The most uncommon details made by the public about it. This smart band is only 17 mm wide, tracks fitness activities and highlight of this smart band is that it can be paired with your smartphone. This smartphone is available in only limited markets, where this band comes along with newest flagship smartphone, the 5 inch Liquid Jade. I mean both smart band as well as Smartphone comes in a bundle. At the moment it is not conformed that whether this smart band will be available separately.

This Smart phone Liquid Jade along with Smart band Liquid Leap may be listed for sale from late July or early August but no details about its price. Initially this smart band is coming free when you purchase the phone Jade, But the price of the Leap not yet unveil we know only the details of smartphone that it will comes with 5 inch display and very thin curved design. Here’s the list of  other devices which company has announce.

Acer Aspire Switch 10 is a Four position, Two in one laptop with 10.1 inch display and runs on windows 8.1 operating system. The hard ware configuration has 2GB RAM, 64GB storage with optional 500GB and dual front-facing speakers. The Key board of this device comes with Aluminum case.

Acer Iconica One 7 is a new tablet, It comes with 7 inch display, runs on windows 8.1 operating system, Intel Dual core processor, Rear camera.

Acer Iconica Tab 7 is also a new tablet with 7 inch display 1280×720 pixel resolution, connectivity includes 3G, WiFi,Bluetooth and more, Runs on Android OS, powered by a quad-core mediaTEK processor and will be available for less than $200.

Aspire u 5 all in one is a 23 inch all in one touch screen personal computer with High Definition Display, Dual digital microphones, wide viewing camera high definition video recording

Acer Aspire E11, E14, E15 are some of the laptops with Intel or AMD chips with touch and non touch available in four, six and ten colors, where this laptops runs on windows 8.1 OS

Acer Chrome Book is new chrome OS based laptop with Intel i3 processor.

Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

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