Acer C720 Chromebook improved with i3 processor, 4 GB of RAM


Acer C720-2

Acer launched one of the affordable Chromebook in the market with improved features and awesome by design. The device even might go under $200, but who says the popular low-end devices also ca not be one of the powerful around? If you also agree with that then you should at least see what the Acer C720 has become with the newest upgraded models.

Two new model of Acer C720 Chromebooks have been launched, both offering a powerful Intel Core i3 Haswell processor clocked at great 1.7 GHz and a 32 GB SSD (Solid State Device). Design and other specifications will be the same compared to other Chromebook launched earlier, including that 11.6-inch 1366x768p display and the ports are also same as we have seen in all the C720 variants.


There is not much difference between both newly launched Chromebooks except the amount of RAM memory it has included. The Acer C720-3871 will cost $349 and will offer 2 GB of RAM while the Acer C720-3404 doubles the RAM to 4 GB and will cost only $379.

We already know much about the collaboration of Google with Intel to make cheaper and faster Chromebooks for better performance. However, Chrome OS is very fast and lightweight operating system need not much faster processor but if you want to work more then you have to go for the better one.

Earlier before, Chrome used to run on Intel Celeron, Exynos chips (generally houses in smartphones). We must feel glad after seeing the changes and the improvements happening on Chrome OS. The Chromebook Pixel cannot be the only one around with a powerful processor, right?

Both the devices which has launched but still not available to any market and also there is no sigh of certain availability date. But Amazon has already listed Acer C720 model as pre order at $349. Personally, I also waiting for this improved and redesigned Chromebook.