How to access Google Now in HTC One M8



The HTC One (M8) is the hottest topic at this time, close by the Samsung Galaxy S5 obviously. Anyhow since we do not yet have an audit unit for the Galaxy S5 yet, in any case we are working to a pack lots of content for the HTC One (M8). Next on the schedule is Google Now. Google Now is presumably our most loved feature that exited the Android 4.1 giveway a couple of years back. Including more functionality and information, to now getting to be a part of your home screen on the Nexus 5 with the Google Now app Launcher. It looks like OEM makes it different to get to Google Now on their handset. Normally either a long press our twofold tap of the home button. At the same time with the HTC One (M8) having on-screen button, it is even easier. Simply a basic swipe up from the home button. In the same way that how Google expected. So from anyplace in the OS, you can only swipe up from the home screen and you are all set to move further.


With every new device you need to give little extra time by tapping to make it usable or familiar otherwise every time you have to search for any other tutorial or guide for the stuff you face problems. As you see on the home screen you won’t get any specified icon to launch Google Now which sometime you feel annoyed, very similar like Samsung Galaxy S5 like interface.

Google still working on KitKat UI and recently I got to know about the search giant is working on flat icon for all Google services which has planned to come in next couple of months.

With Google Now you can see birthdays, games scores, how much time it will take to return home, when to leave for an appointment and much more. It’s genuinely the most assisting feature on any handset nowadays. Also I say “Smartphone” because it is also on the iPhone. These features are also available on Google Chrome on the desktop too. What’s the feature you like the most on Google Now, comment below.