How to Access Boot Options Menu windows 8 and 8.1


Booting options in the windows 8 are consolidated into single menu called Boot Menu in the windows 8, This post guide’s you how to access boot options menu windows 8. Actually this boot options menu provides access to the repair the tools providing access to repair tools and options for changing Windows start up behavior, such as enabling debugging and launching into a recovery environment.The days of pressing a function key or Esc to interrupt the boot process and get into the BIOS configuration (in UEFI enabled systems) are gone.

There are three ways of accessing the new boot options menu in Windows 8 as below

  1. Through PC settings.
  2. Through power options.
  3. Through command prompt.

Through PC Settings

  • The first and primary method is through PC settings, press the window key + i and click change settings.
  • Click on the General options on the left click restart now under Advanced setup. which starts normal restart process and gets automatically interrupted as windows is about to shut down.


  • Now tap the troubleshoot option for resetting as well as refreshing your personal computer or to use the advance tools.
  • Once you click on the trouble shooting option, you can able to go the reset options or refresh options or advance settings.


  • The options shown below are seen in the advance settings, to change how Windows starts up, such as booting into safe mode, click Start up Settings.


  • These are the list of the displays shown in below, options available in the windows when it is restart next time.Now you need to restart the restart windows and gain access to the options.


  • When your PC restarts the Startup Settings menu displays. Select an option using the number keys or the function keys F1-F9. There is one additional option accessible by pressing F10. If you decided you don’t want to use any of these options, you can boot normally by pressing Enter.
  • Launch recovery environment is the extra option accessed by pressing F10, to return the options you need to press the F10 once again.

Access Through Power Settings

Instead of doing all the stuff mentioned in the above process, This way will be simple and fast to access the boot option menu. For this you need to follow the below steps

  • Press window key and button capital I to access the side bar menu and press the power button.
  • press the shift button as you select the restart option. The option display on the boot blue are The continue, The Trouble shoot, and Turn off your PC similar to the primary method.
  • This method with logging in to the windows you can access to the boot option menu, on the log in screen click on the power button at bottom right corner press restart and press shift.

Access Through the command prompt 

  • Final procedure to access the boot option menu is by giving commands on the command prompt, to open the command prompt press windows + D to go the desktop and you will find start button lower left corner of the screen.In the search bar type command prompt and type “shutdown.exe /r /o” and hit enter to continue.


  • In the middle of the displays a message displays in the dialouge box as PC is singing off and reboot automatically and allows you to the Trouble shooting.