ABC to show you lanes and sights of Syria in 360-degree format

By | September 18, 2015



ABC News, with the aim to make journalism more engaging, is unveiling an option to watch the Nightline program in 360 degree video on laptop and mobile phones. The news company has launched ABC News VR, through which company hopes to give you feel of the place you are watching in the news. The news organization has done this with the help of VR tech company Jaunt.

The viewers can now relate to the streets and sights of Damascus, Syria and they will have a real time experience that would be impossible without visiting the place. James Goldston, the president of ABC News said in a note, “In early August, Alexander Marquardt and his team traveled to Damascus to explore the secret holding rooms where curators are working tirelessly to protect and preserve Syria’s endangered antiquities,”. He also added, “From the Damascus Citadel and Souk to the Umayyad Mosque and the National Museum, [Marquardt] transports viewers into the story, providing a depth of reporting—and a personal guide—unlike anything we’ve done before.”

Viewers can watch the news report from the ABC’s official website, though they’ll have to download the Jaunt app on your smartphone to experience it in Virtual Reality format. Without a doubt, you’ll also have to use the VR headsets like Google Cardboard to watch the 360 degree video. This is the first project under ABC News VR and the company is planning to implement this technique for the Pope Francis visit to US along.