A stretchable silver nanowire mesh to heat up your sore muscle



silver_nanowire_heaterSuppose you had an injury to your joint and your doctor has prescribed you to apply heat to the injured area. Now the main question raised here is that, how you are going to apply heat to your joint? Korean researchers at the Center for Nanoparticle Research, Institute for Basic Science (IBS) in Seoul, along with an international team have invented a unique way to apply heat to the joint.

They have developed a stretchable silver nanowire mesh, which will heat your joints. This nanowire mesh works perfectly fine irrespective of how much you bend them. They have made this nanowire with thin silvers material, which makes it quite affordable. The silver nanowire used is tiny and average diameter of this nanowire is approx 150 nm with almost 30 um length. This tiny silver nanowire is mixed into soft and stretchable elastic liquid material.

The research team has also invented a 2-D interlocking coil pattern for this mesh structure, which helps in keeping this mesh tight to the joint area irrespective of how much you bend it. The silver mesh is sandwiched between bottom and top layer of insulation, which is soft and thin. This stretchable mesh is thin and can fit under your clothes quite easily. This mesh structure runs on a battery and maintains a constant temperature, which means that you can wear it whenever you are out.

When you use this stretchable mesh heater on knee and wrists joint, the thin and light mesh works perfectly fine and generates constant heat through whole surface. This tech is not made for only medical purpose; you can use it for various purposes like to heat up a winter jacket o to warm the car seat. There is no news on when this will be available for sale. Once this technology will be available in the market, you can use it for various purposes without worrying that anybody will notice you.