A security management startup, Tanium receives another funding of $52 million


Last year, Andreessen Horowitz, the investment venture, made many jaws drop when it invested $90 million (one of the biggest investment ever) into a start-up Tanium. The startup Tanium functions to help companies manage their computer networks. Now the venture capital firm is back for another round of investment.

Tanium announced on Tuesday that it received another $52 million from Andreessen Horowitz which increase its total venture capital funding to more than $140 million. The new investment has increased the value of the company to around $1.75 billion which is almost 50% of the last year’s valuation.

More than five of the top global banks and four of the top 10 retailers have implemented Tanium technology in their company. The company’s technology has found a way to reach every computer in the network of more than thousands as less as 15 seconds, permitting almost instant updates and instructions.

Tanium’s strategy is not all that complicated. Big companies cannot build walls very high to protect themselves from attacks. But businesses can drastically reduce the damage malware can wreak after they have jump over the virtual barriers. “The best they can do is find out the attackers have come in as quickly as possible and prevent them from reaching the crown jewels of the organization,” said Orion Hindawi, the founder and Chief Technical Officer of Tanium.

Tanium strategy

The eight-year-old company permits its clients to quickly monitor their ‘end points,’ like laptops and point-of-sale systems, getting status updates in a matter of minutes instead of hours. This speed and comprehensiveness help the customers spot the security breaches in a matter of minutes while with its rival products may take hours or days to detect a breach.

Also, apart from security the company offers ways to organize networks systematically and efficiently. The Tanium says that many clients had no clue about the total number of computers in the organization until it was connected through their technology. With its improved technology and service, the company increased its total billing and tripled its employees and it ended 2014 clearing all its debts and with positive cash flow.

“Tanium’s magic innovation uniquely positions the company at the modern crossroads of systems management and security. Given their super team, amazing growth and unparalleled innovation, we could not be more happy for the opportunity to deepen our investment in this amazing company,” said Steven Sinofsky, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz and former senior executive at Microsoft.

Tanium claims that with its technologies even the world’s largest companies can achieve 15 seconds visibility to communicate with all the IT assets in the company to prevent security breach and decrease the cost involved drastically. With the latest funding, the company plans to widen its product offerings and expand abroad especially Asia and Europe.