A robotics exoskeleton to help paralyzed person walk again

By | September 7, 2015


A former athlete from Northern Ireland, Mark Pollack was paralyzed from waist after falling from a second storey window back in 2010. Now, he is fit to walk around on his own, all thanks to the exoskeleton. He became first person, who can gain control over his legs with the help of a robotic exoskeleton.

The exoskeleton, which helps Mr. Pollock do some activity with his legs, is called an Ekso. This device is designed to enhance the mobility by supporting movement instead of doing all the work for the user. The main goal of this device is to replace the damaged part of the body instead of directly replacing the actual part, which is the case people use prosthetic.

The team of researchers from University of California at Los Angeles have attached the electrodes on Pollack’s skin and stimulated his spine with jolts of electricity. After this, his legs tingled while exercising and now he can rise and bend his knees as well.

There is chance that he may not be able to walk again without help, but the results from his five days training in UCLA is very impressive, as he walked thousands of steps. The results of this exercise session shows that Pollock could now be able to lift his legs and also take up assisted stepping motion of the exoskeleton robot.

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