A new device to help blind people in echolocation

By | July 21, 2015


Blind people always find different ways to cope with the surroundings. Some of them use echolocation to know the location of some nearby objects by bouncing sound waves off from the objects; they do so by making some noise by their tongues. But it is very rare that you’ll find people using echolocation naturally to determine the object’s location.

Innovation Hub Technologies has developed a new device named Ausion, this device will help blind people to know more about their surroundings by echolocation technique. This device uses musical notes like (sa-re-ga-ma-pa) to alert the users about the distance of nearby objects. So this device makes echo-locating quite easy.

Vinod Deshmukh, co founder of Innovation Hub Technologies and also one of the creators of this device said Bangalore Mirror, “The messages are coded as musical notes and the blind person only needs to get trained on how the device works. We wanted it to be simple and easy to use.”

Innovation Hub Technologies, Bangalore India is co founded by SN Padmanabhan and Vinod Deshmukh and they have spent three years in manufacturing this device. This structure of the device is similar to a cell phone and it weighs 0.21 pounds.

This device comes with two sensors at the front, which is used in flash light fashion, meaning user have to points the device in the direction, which he wishes to walk. This device also features four switches on the side, one switch is used to auxiliary power, two switches are used to control the volume and the last switch is used to turn the device Off or On. The On/Off switch is also used to set the range and its maximum range is 10 meters. This device also tells about some nearby potholes.

This device is well received by 30 people, who are testing this device. The company says that they will continue to get feedback from the users in future also.

The Innovation Hub Technology has produced 500 units. This device will costs $55, which will be distributed through some organizations and schools initially and then company will planning a wider release in mid August .